Sunday, July 1, 2012

Give Your Child the World - Staying Up to Date With the Latest Computing Technology

Children these days have more access to technology than many of us had only ever dreamed of. While some of us may remember the single grey box running Windows 3.1 and DOS, today's classrooms are fitted out with some of the most advanced technology available including broadband internet, web video technology - even loaner laptops that students can use at home.

The Digital Education Revolution

NSW has introduced its digital education revolution that aims to provide all secondary school students their own personal laptop to use for school by 2012. Many public school students are already enjoying the opportunities this new technology offers. They can do research for assignments, visualise concepts and be instantly in touch with fellow students, teachers and even relevant experts that can help answer their questions.

"The one thing that is common across all the research into interactive whiteboards and laptops for individual students is how engaged, motivated and interested in the school work most kids become," says NSW science teacher, Julie Haeusler. "They're more likely to stay focused on the task, and more likely to do homework after school."

The Victorian government has also embarked on its own netbook program, supplying 10,000 public school children with netbooks in 2009. With their netbooks, children can use the internet for research, learn about animation, movies and 3D models, create their own multimedia projects, interact with fellow students as well as gain a broader perspective by engaging with students from overseas.

Outside of school supplied laptops, parents can supplement their children's learning tools with internet, SmartPhones, eBook readers and audio-visual technology such as HDTV. When it comes to your child's education - you can give them that extra leg up and an incredible learning advantage by staying up to date with the latest technology. When you rent a PC, you'll be able to upgrade to the latest available equipment when it becomes available. This means faster and better technology to keep up with the changing times.

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